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Fertility begins before birth

What if AMH is Low? What does it mean if AMH is high?

Higher AMH levels will reflect more follicles and eggs available for pregnancy. As the follicle pool declines so do AMH levels, so this can be a useful test when trying to get pregnant. After age 30, women with normal AMH levels are more likely to get pregnant. 

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Dr. BreAnna Guan

What To Do To Protect Yourself And Your Fertility From Air Pollution: Part Two Lifestyle. 

To support the health of future generations, we must protect the preconception and perinatal periods. Maternal and infant exposure can have lifetime impacts. Below you’ll find my top ten ways to protect yourself from air pollution.

Food can protect your fertility from air pollution
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Modern Fertility and Air Pollution: Part One Protection With Food!

Air pollution is ranked fifth on a list of the most influential factors affecting health worldwide. Most of the damage is believed to be caused by increased levels of inflammation and oxidative stress. Air pollution is also impacting our fertility.

Chemical Cocktail
Dr. BreAnna Guan

Environmental Chemical Cocktails and Your Fertility

Chemicals are thought to be behind falling rates of fertility, i.e. sperm decline and reduced ovarian reserve. It makes sense.

Thyroid Hormone and Early Pregnancy
Dr. BreAnna Guan

Thyroid Hormone and Early Pregnancy

Thyroid hormones impact how we metabolize our sex hormones; the feedback loops to the brain and other organs change, and more importantly, hormone production takes a hit! Yikes sounds like such a mess, and it is!

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