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Dr. Guan is an expert in women’s health and hormones. She has specialization in hormone replacement therapy, fertility, PCOS and women’s health conditions.

For All stages and Transitions

Specialized Care


Connections are healing. Dr. Guan supports her clients through all the ups and downs of their journey. She takes the extra steps to ensure peace of mind and ensures her clients to have great understanding of their health.


Dr. Guan is interested in all the beautiful and messy details that make each one of her clients unique. She listens with compassion and a heart to understand.


Dr. Guan anknowledges the connection between the various organ and hormonal systems, and how food and lifestyles impact physiology. She aknowledges that the heart and spirit impact the body as well.

What to Expect

Before your appointment you’ll complete an in-depth health questionnaire, Dr. Guan will review this in detail before your visit. The first consultation will review your current health concerns and the goals that you have for your health. Dr. Guan will do a thorough intake of your health history (social, environmental, genetic, family, nutrition, lifestyle and etc.) to gain a whole-person look into all the things that contribute or detract from your health.

You will receive a personalized plan. Your plan may include the following as it pertains to your health goals.

  • Testing recommendations and review- many times testing is incomplete and thus underlying causes are not seen. Dr. Guan will review any recent labs and provide you with a list of recommended tests based on your intake. Testing may include, metabolic and cardiovascular health, Dutch testing, genetic, functional nutritional, gut health, in-depth hormonal analysis, allergy and others.
  • Genomic- Dr. Guan provides recommendations and review of SNPs (such as MTHFR, COMT and etc) for fertility and general health and wellness.
  • Food/nutrition- a personalized food recommendations, and resources to help optimize your nutritional status and personal biochemistry.
  • Supplements- a personalized supplement plan will be created with recommendations for specific products, dosages and timing. Supplements may be botanical/herbal or nutritional.
  • Lifestyle- you’ll receive tips about how to optimize your sleep, stress management, movement/exercise to support your hormonal balance and optimal health.
  • Environmental- Dr. Guan will share with you how to keep yourself protected from the harmful impacts of toxins and chemicals on your hormonal system.
  • Cycle mapping and Conception support- Dr. Guan will review your cycle mapping and make recommendations about timing frequency and how to optimize your hormonal balance.
  • Detoxification- To prepare for an optimal conception and pregnancy detoxification support may be recommended.


Return consultations are used for refining and updating care recommendations and continued support towards health and wellness goals. Follow up appointments generally occur ever 4-6 weeks.

Prevention. Empowered. Root Cause.

Women's Health Services

Whether you’re just starting in the season of menarche or are transitioning through perimenopause, and you’re in the right place. Find natural solutions for skin health, menopause symptoms, fatigue, thyroid disorders or PCOS, and more. I help women find balance so that they can create glowing and vibrant health.

Preconception Care

Into Balance

Are you interested in optimal health, hormonal balance and healthy aging? This program provide the roadmap and the support for the journey. Get a handle on hormonal symptoms that won’t seem to let up, optimize energy, better your mood, increase strength, improve metabolism, blood sugar and get lean. Learn more. 

Let's find out if we are great fit for each other.

All Balanced Consultations happen virtually.
Please include your preferred availability for appointments and anything you want Dr. Guan to know.
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