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How to Improve Your Health and Metabolism With Metabolic Flexibility

If there’s one topic that seems to confuse and frustrate women across the lifespan, it …

Dr. BreAnna Guan

Lean PCOS? A Natural Approach

Twenty percent of women with PCOS have normal or low body weight. Learn all about lean PCOS and how we treat it naturally.

Dr. BreAnna Guan

Making lifestyle changes a reality​

Are you staying up late, overeating, avoiding exercise, bingeing on social media? Are you staying up late, overeating, avoiding exercise, bingeing on social media? Do you long to make lifestyle changes a reality?
How can change happen when these habits seem so hard to break? As a health consultant and licensed naturopathic doctor, I ask myself these questions all the time.Furthermore, what is the thing to get us past ourselves and make the changes we know we need to make?

Peri-menopause woman
Dr. BreAnna Guan

Thriving in Peri-menopause and Menopause

Too often in the conventional medical realm with Peri-menopause and menopause, a woman is gifted with anti-depressants and the same old adage” well, this is what getting older is, and you’ll just have to deal with it like everyone else.”
Most of my clients are not satisfied with this thought process and don’t want to take pills to cover their

Preparing food
Dr. BreAnna Guan

How to move from diets and fads to mindful eating?

There is an ever-changing landscape of dietary recommendations and experts. With food rules and fads everywhere we look, how can we use mindful eating to optimize our health and relationship with food?

Women wearing red dress in nature
Dr. BreAnna Guan

Ten ways to connect with & support your menstrual cycle

Connecting with and understanding our menstrual cycle can be a most empowering and health-promoting relationship. We can also adjust our lives and flow to be in sync with the rhythm of our hormones. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite ways to begin to connect to your monthly flow.

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