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Ten healthy stress hacks

We can think of our capacity to handle stress as we think of water in a bucket. When there is too much stress the bucket starts to overflow. That’s when we get unfavorable reactions or behaviors; we can no longer contain the burden.
Here are ten healthy stress hacks to help lower the heat and soothe tension.

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How to naturally boost progesterone levels?

Progesterone is the hormone we all know and love. Progesterone is a sex hormone that is produced primarily in the ovaries. It helps thicken the uterine lining so a fertilized egg can implant in the uterus. In the first part of the menstrual cycle, the follicular phase, progesterone levels are low. Luteinizing hormone stimulates the release of an egg and after ovulation occurs progesterone levels begin to increase

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20 Tips for Sleep and Women’s health

Sleep disturbances plain are bad for your health and quality of life. Poor quality sleep and insomnia are both causes and are associated with heart disease, hypertension, glucose imbalances, anxiety, and depression. Get Dr. Guan’s 20 sleep tips and learn more about how sleep may be impacting your health.

For women sleep disturbances coincide with menopause, premenstrual disorders, pregnancy and post part depression.

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Feeding your libido and fertility!

Libido is a great sign of fertility. Low libido is also an important part of a fertility workup. If you’re not feeling “it” then “it” is less likely to happen and then well babies are less likely to be conceived!

Naturopathic Immune Support with these healthy foods

Naturopathic Immune Support

Everyone is asking what I’m recommending for supporting immunity through this season. Below you’ll find my top tips for staying healthy while powering your innate immunity. Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Astragalus

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Dr. BreAnna Guan

Natural Support for Anxiety from Dr. BreAnna

Anxiety can be crippling and cause great discomfort. Thankfully there are countless natural products and lifestyle strategies that support calm and relaxation. This article will cover my favorite go-to items and lifestyle hacks for soothing anxiousness as well as my favorite products.

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