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How to support immune function
Dr. BreAnna Guan

How to support Immune Function? (series)

Supporting our immune systems become more vital at a time when we’re put to the test. Follow along to learn more about what you can do to support your innate immune system and strengthen your ability to maintain health and wellness.

Watercolor lovers
Dr. BreAnna Guan


Find out more about the role of love and oxytocin in male factor fertility. Learn why the love hormone (oxytocin) is the hormone of fertility and what you can do to boost your levels. Read article

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Dr. BreAnna Guan

Your Mother and My Mother

Your heart and my heart
Are very, very old

Ovaries like it hot and spicy lettering graphic
Dr. BreAnna Guan

Hot and spicy for baby-making!

My husband recently sent me an article from the Guardian that said the key to fertility was wild sex. I’ve got more to say about that coming soon! Basically baby-making works better the more you’re into it and each other but there’s a different hot and spicy I want to share with you!

Dr. BreAnna Guan

Ovarian Reserve, Dietary Fats and Antioxidants

Good for fertility Multiple studies have shown the positive relationship between omega-3 fatty acids and decreased risk of anovulatory cycles, higher luteal phase levels of progesterone, Improved uterine blood flow, and even reduced FSH levels.

Day 3 Fertility Testing FSH and Estradiol

What is the optimal level for FSH for fertility? Day 3 fertility testing

What is the optimal level for FSH for fertility? Day 3 fertility testing.

In order to assess a woman’s reproductive health, I recommend laboratory tests be done on day 3 of the menstrual cycle. Day 3 testing will take a look at sex hormone levels that are necessary for women’s reproductive function. 

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