Dr. BreAnna Guan



Sweet is what we want too commonly, as consumers we find sweet added to everything! Sweet is nourishing, building and comforting. Sweet, brightens our spirits and is like a big hug when we need it. You might find yourself craving more sweets during times of fatigue or depression to help lift your energy or spirits. Unfortunately, too much building

Healing as medicine

Healing as Medicine

We all know what its like to go to see your doc for a hormonal issue and the solution given is a hormonal treatment no matter what the problem is, hot flashes, missing period, heavy period, acne, endometriosis, and PCOS. These all have the same treatment? Really?

In your mind, you may be thinking that taking hormones is not really addressing the root cause of your problems; instead they are suppressing your own hormonal systems and dominating them with a drug.

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