Thyroid Hormone and Early Pregnancy

Thyroid Hormone and Early Pregnancy

Thyroid hormone is like heat or spark! It is what makes our cells carry out their essential catabolic and enzymatic activity!
We see these processes slowed at a cellular level. Thyroid hormones impact how we metabolize our sex hormones; the feedback loops to the brain and other organs change, and more importantly, hormone production takes a hit! Yikes sounds like such a mess, and it is!

More off, we feel ALL of this at a physical level; it is real! Fatigue, slowed movements, speech, and word recall, basically feeling like you are dried up and stuck in the mud!! Now imagine trying to build a baby under these conditions at a cellular level (slow). Worse yet, imagine trying to carry a baby under these conditions. Makes you understand all the more reason why infertility, miscarriages, and congenital disorders are all associated with thyroid disease.

In early pregnancy, the mother provides the needed thyroid hormones to the developing fetus and placenta until ten weeks gestation. With insufficient thyroid hormones, many of the steps necessary for reproduction will break down. Thus if you’re not ovulating, have irregular cycles, have had miscarriages, or are feeling stuck in the mud, it would be absolutely worth it a million times to doing in-depth thyroid hormone testing.

If your doctor or even endocrinologist is not willing to do the testing find someone who will!!

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