Environmental Chemical Cocktails and Your Fertility

Chemicals are thought to be behind falling rates of fertility, i.e. sperm decline and reduced ovarian reserve. It makes sense. These PCBs, nanoparticles, toxic metals, fertilizers, fragrances, and all others are abundant in our food, air, and water. We’ve literally created a toxic chemical cocktail and we bath and lather it on daily! These chemicals damage our DNA and dysregulate our hormones! Damaged genes are the worst for conception! antioxidants.

Chemical Cocktail

If you’re trying to get pregnant, thinking you might ever like to be pregnant, are pregnant, or ever came from a pregnant lady then you’ve got to be wise about the chemicals you’re eating, drinking and putting on your skin. Check out the Environmental Working Group for guides and smart shopping apps. ⠀⠀

Here are a few things to get started with now

  • No shoes in the house, you’ll track in all those chemicals and create more indoor air pollution.
  • Don’t buy plastic technical clothing, simple natural fibers! Think cotton!
  • Glass, ceramic and stainless steel for water and food storage.
  • Microwave, just don’t.
  • Clean up your personal care products (ask me about brands I love)
  • Buy organic, for the love of clean

While working with clients we review and explore their personal chemical exposure and I provide resources so you can protect yourself with clean food, air, water and personal care products. We also discuss detox prior to pregnancy if there have been know chemical exposures.

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