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Anxiety can be crippling and cause great discomfort. Thankfully there are countless natural products and lifestyle strategies that support calm and relaxation. This article will cover my favorite go-to items and lifestyle hacks for soothing anxiousness as well as my favorite products. This is not medical advice but rather a list of my favorites. Please talk with your provider before starting any new lifestyle or supplements.

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Just consider a tired toddler, and it is so clear how much we need sleep to maintain balance. Having a regular sleep schedule may be just as important as the number of hours of sleep. Give this gift to yourself and support your immunity as well.

2. Spend time outdoors

Nature and green spaces increase parasympathetic activity (rest and digest). Nature has a way of slowing us down and getting us outside of ourselves and gives us a greater connection and sense of oneness with creation and humanity. Can you make this a regular habit during times of stress?

3. Balance blood sugar

Nothing causes anxiety like skipping meals and high sugar processed foods! If you’re consuming these foods, gradually back off them and include healthy fats and proteins with abundant greens to keep you feeling relaxed and calm.

4. Green leaves

Lettuce, arugula, and etc. are alkaline and reduce inflammation take down the burden of inflammation and acidity in our bodies. Less physical stress leads to less mental stress. Aim to have a large serving with at least two meals per day.

5. Breath

Take deep breaths or belly breathing to help focus, calm, and collect when thoughts, feelings or emotions lead, to overwhelm. Set aside time at the top of each hour or in between tasks to simply pause and breathe. Simple yet effective

6. Hormone balance

If your a menstruating female and your hormones are out of balance due to estrogen dominance, PCOS, peri-menopause/menopause or luteal phase defects you’re less likely to have the calming protection of health progesterone levels. Talk with your doctor about supporting progesterone and get your levels checked.

7. Sweat

Amazing exercise will be a game-changer and support focus and increase feelings of strength and confidence. Startup gradually and do something you enjoy preferably outside! Get that tension out and move!


1. Theanine

An extract from green tea, the amino acid increase a sensation of calm and relaxation. Best taken away from meals. Effective and gentle calm support


A neurochemical made by our own nervous system to support calm. This is a little strong and more direct-acting than theanine. I like the liposomal extracts.

3. Lavela by Integrative Therapeutics

A strong acting lavender extract, great for sleep support.

4. Cortisol Manager- by Integrative Therapeutics

Too stressed out and buzzed to sleep this is one of my favorites. It also helps to decrease nighttime waking.

5. Magnesium

Threonate format crosses the blood-brain barrier and supports calm and sleep. Other forms are not strong. This could cause drowsiness. Citrate and Glycinate are other forms that I recommend for daily supplementation.

6. Skullcap

This beautiful herb helps with focus and reducing the thoughts that just won’t stop. Also helpful for sleep.

7. Chamomile and lavender tea

Are wonderful for children and gentle enough to use regularly. You can even make these into popsicles or ice cubes for the little ones.

8. Ashwagandha

An herb that supports the endocrine system, especially adrenals and thyroid. Used for children and the elderly this nourishing herb is a wonderful go-to to keep you strong through periods of high stress.

Please shop for supplements cautiously.

If you’ve appreciated my sharing this list consider using my online dispensary for your health and wellness purchases.

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