How to support Immune Function? (series)

Supporting our immune systems become more vital at a time when we’re put to the test.

How to support immune function

Follow along to learn more about what you can do to support your innate immune system and strengthen your ability to maintain health and wellness.

To start things off- simply, so you can take and implement the steps that make sense for you. This is not medical advice! Thnx!

Vitamin D- is commonly deficient in most living in North America. Spending too much time indoors and avoiding the sun is a common cause of deficiency. I recommend getting your levels tested to find out where you are.

The thing about vitamin D is that it improves the response (intelligence/function) of your innate immune system! *One study showed that

“vitamin D administration resulted in a statistically significant (42%) decrease in the incidence of influenza infection”


  1. I recommend optimal levels for immunity between 60- 80 ng/ml.
  2. Make sure you’re supplementing with Vitamin D3 vs commonly prescribed D2
  3. Interested in getting your levels tested? Email, I’m offering a special on a consult and vitamin D package for your immunity! OR DM me for details.

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