We all like sweet. Sweet is a flavor, there are 6 major flavors, salty, pungent, sweet, sour, bitter and umami (savory). All of these flavors have different actions, sour is more astringent and tightening/tonifying, pungent/spicy creates movement. What about sweet?

Sweet is what we want too commonly, as consumers we find sweet added to everything! Sweet is nourishing, building and comforting. Sweet, brightens our spirits and is like a big hug when we need it. You might find yourself craving more sweets during times of fatigue or depression to help lift your energy or spirits. Unfortunately, too much building, nourishing and comfort can become a BIG, issue, aka belly fat and potato syndrome come to mind.

As you are working to make changes, out with the old in with the new, consider reducing sweets in your diet. Too often when people try to cut out sugar they replace with other sweeteners, stevia, coconut sugar, agave, honey and the like. These substitutes may have their benefit but can deter your efforts, let me tell you how.

  • First and foremost, fake sweeteners alter your good bacteria and microbiome in a way that can actually end up raising your blood sugar! Eek!
  • 2nd, tasting sweet may actually raise insulin levels. Again not good when you’re trying to lose weight or improve metabolic health.
  • Lastly, eating sweet flavors will only keep you wanting that sweet and condition your taste buds accordingly.

My tip for success:

A probiotic can help reduce sugar craving by optimizing the microbiome in the digestive tract, crowding out the unfavorable sugar craving species.
Give yourself a two-week break and cut back on all sweet flavors. Intentionally taste your food and try to notice which of the six flavors are in your food choices. For example, tomatoes, may be sweet when we slow down to eat it, chewing well, you might also notice the sour flavors along with salty. You may find that through this you come to enjoy your food much more!

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