What To Do To Protect Yourself And Your Fertility From Air Pollution: Part Two Lifestyle. 

Although not every pollutant conveys the same risk and not everyone exposed is equally susceptible, we can help protect against the negative impacts of air pollution worldwide, particularly for those populations that are most susceptible and/or most highly exposed. To support the health of future generations, we must protect the preconception and perinatal periods. Maternal and infant exposure can have lifetime impacts. Below you’ll find my top ten ways to protect yourself from air pollution


1. Invest in a quality air-purifier to reduce indoor air exposures.

The reduction in estimated PM2.5 exposure afforded by filtration favorably influences most of the health outcomes (blood pressure, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, inflammation), curtailed PM2.5 induced activation of the sympathetic nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, and helped mitigate the ensuing metabolomic perturbations

2. Purchase clean products

Avoid furniture, carpets, and other home materials that have high levels of off-gassing. Avoid scented candles, air fresheners, and cleaning products with synthetic fragrances.

3. Remove  Carpets

They act as a harbor for small dust particles and pet dander, which increases indoor air pollution. The dust particles from carpets are associated with chronic lung problems such as asthma and persistent coughs. Removing the carpeting is a sure way of reducing indoor air pollution.

4. Take off shoes in the home

Shoes bring in more than 50% of dust and chemicals into our homes. Removing shoes at the door is among the simplest ways of reducing indoor air pollution

5. Frequent mopping

Mopping and wet dusting with water is a highly effective way of removing dust and reducing air pollution in the home.

6. Indoor Plants

Use indoor plants know to help purify the air. Which plants to use?

7. Open windows

Allow for proper ventilation and air movement. Learn more about at-home strategies.

8. Keep humidity in check

To prevent mold growth. Fix water leaks and optimize air circulation throughout the home.

9. Exercise smart

Avoid exercising in areas near roadways and high traffic areas.

10. Help reduce air pollution

We can all do things to help reduce air pollution by making changes and smart consumption.



DOI: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.117.029688



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