Achieving your goals

Making a change? Get the “whys” figured out first.

The start of a new year or new plan lends optimism and hope for a fresh start and beginning. Long-term changes and resolutions often fail with the business of life and deeply ingrained patterns. This doesn’t mean we should stop striving towards our highest way of living and most vital expressions. To help keep you focused and in the right mindset to achieve your greatest potential uncover your “whys” with a few questions below?

1. Why do you want to achieve this new goal? How will it change your life and why is it important?

2. What will happen if you don’t achieve it? What will happen if you do achieve it?

3. How will it feel to have this goal completed? Will this impact others around you?

4. Can you picture the results you want to achieve? Try to picture this goal as clearly as possible.

5. What will be the hardest part and why? How will you overcome this (list 3 ways)?

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