Feeding your libido and fertility!

Libido is a great sign of fertility. Low libido is also an important part of a fertility workup. If you’re not feeling “it” then “it” is less likely to happen and then, well babies are less likely to be conceived!

Hormones impact fertility and libido. We need to have a sophisticated balance to ensure that we have the drive needed and energy to pursue baby-making and enough energy and vitality to carry a baby for nine long months!

But can we use food to boost our libidos (by supporting our health) and our fertility?

Yes, the answer is an astounding yes! Below you’ll find. list of powerful foods and a few ideas for incorporating these foods into your life.

Cacao fruite on the tree

Food #1 Cacao

A rich source of magnesium and healthy fats, cacao is a potent antioxidant and great food for boosting energy and libido! Cacao contains flavonoids that help in removing clot formation in the body and also lower blood pressure. This flavonoid increases the blood flow and oxygen to all parts of the body. Excellent blood flow is essential for libido, sexual performance, and fertility.

To use: I don’t have to tell you this one! I love to make my own chocolate nut butter cups using coconut oils, cacao powder, monk fruit, salt, and peanut butter, almond butter or tahini! I put them layer by layer in a cupcake dish and keep them in the freezer for high fat, low carbohydrate snack!

Quick recipe: add cacao powder to melted coconut oil (monk fruit to sweeten), put in muffin tins freeze till hard, add nut butter layer and freeze, repeat with chocolate layer, freeze and then enjoy!

Food #2 Omega 3s

Omega 3’s are fats that fight inflammation and support circulation. Find these healthy fats as a supplement or in foods such as flaxseeds, walnut, fatty fish (sardines and salmon), and omega 3 rich eggs! These are great foods for libido but they also go a long way for boosting fertility (sperm and egg quality) plus they’re beneficial for creating a healthy baby!

To use: I recommend picking up a professional grade fish oil product from a medical provider (because these oils go rancid so easily and rancid fats are the worst for fertility) taking daily! Include the foods as well top your salads with omega 3 rich eggs, have healthy fish regularly in your diet, and include plenty of healthy nuts and seeds!

Food #3 Maca

This root is grown in the Andes Mountains, at altitudes of over 12,000 feet where the sun is harsh and temperatures are extremely cold! This is a hardy and strong root. It extends these qualities when you consume it. Thus, beneficial for the warrior-type people with high physical and mental activity who are finding reduced libido and fertility. The research shows maca helps to regulate estrogen levels and can lower FSH elves. It also reduces the production of stress hormones. For men, we see improved semen count and sperm function with the use of maca

To use: add the powder to your morning smoothy or take as an extract leading up to intercourse to improve your energy and “athletic” performance.

Food #4 Camu-Camu

Potent anti-oxidant and high in Vitamin C. This fruit can promote hormone synthesis, speed up healing, iron absorption as well as the normal replication of cells in the gastrointestinal tract. Camu Camu is rich in carotenoids and polyphenols making it a great anti-inflammatory food.

To use: add the powdered herb to smoothies, mix with water or sprinkle on top of salads or fruits to get even more antioxidant food benefits!

Foods for libido and fertility

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