Because breakfast is for champions!

Struggling with the most important meal of the day here are 7 awesome options to get your day off to a great start!

  • Meal Option 1: sweet potato hash with greens and black beans (could be put in a gluten-free wrap)
  • Meal Option 2: Quinoa with hemp seeds and frozen cherries, topped with milk alternative and diced almonds
  • Meal Option 3: Whole grain gluten-free toast with almond butter and bananas
  • Meal Option 4: cooked greens with sesame oil and one egg or tofu, add sunflower seeds
  • Meal Option 5: Berry smoothy with protein powder blueberries and spinach
  • Meal Option 6: Toast with hummus sliced onion, avocado, sea salt, and baby greens.
  • Meal Option 7: beans and rice with salsa and greens, sprinkled pumpkin seeds

Hope this is helpful! Enjoy breakfast and start your day with great food!

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