Bisphenol-A, aka BPA

Bisphenol-A, aka BPA, AKA yuk!  It is used to make plastics and those resinous sealants for tooth repair.  It does a lot more and here’s what you need to know.

  1.  The skinny, BPA is a an obesogen ( a chemical that might increase your weight by interrupting hormonal and physiological processes). One researcher in China found that girls with higher levels of BPA in their systems were more likely to be obese.  Here’s a link to read more about obesogens (chemicals that may be making you fat?) 
  2. BPA affects many stages of human development during pregnancy and infant development. There are many animal studies showing BPA and its effect on nervous, reproductive, endocrine and immune development.
  3. In one study 93% of participants 6 years and older had detectable levels of BPA.

How to protect yourself.

1. Don’t microwave in plastic. Don’t microwave…..? But especially not in plastic

2 Choose your plastics wisely avoid #7s (on the bottom of the container), opt for glass, porcelain, and stainless steel containers, especially with hot and cold foods. Don’t put your coffee, tea or soups in plastic containers.

3. Wash plastics by hand and avoid harsh cleaners, which may accelerate their break down.

4. Avoid canned foods, especially during pregnancy.. Cans are lined with BPA and BPA leaches into foods. Buy fresh, buy frozen and avoid the cans.  No cans at the farmer’s market!

5. Breast is best, but if you’ve got to use a bottle, remember the above advice, don’t heat it and be careful about washing. There are glass and steel baby bottles out there. Choose wisely.

6. BPA free baby toys, especially during the stages where everything goes in the mouth.

7. Avoid the receipts unless necessary. Save paper too!

All the little things do matter, especially around the time of pregnancy and infant-hood.

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