Wonder(ful) Woman Program

Into Hormone Balance

Aging too quickly, period problems and persistent fatigue often impact our quality of life. Our health and level of vitality are essential to living our most joyful lives. Into Balance will help you get a handle on hormonal symptoms that won’t let up, such as fatigue, skin issues, weight gain, irregular cycles, and generally feeling unwell.

Creating a healthy lifestyle that leads to feelings of radiance, joy, and confidence is the why behind this six month program. Designed to help you carry out sustainable change, this program provides the tools and support to help you achieve your goals.

What's Included

In Depth Testing
Into Balance includes comprehensive testing menu based on your goals: nutritional, thyroid, metabolic health, gut health, food allergies, in depth hormone and adrenal testing.

3 Month Package
Great for those who are struggling with acne, hormonal imbalances, wanting to transition off the pill or having tummy troubles. This option provides you with 3 months of support with Dr. Guan.

6 Month Package
Making bigger transition with perimenopause, or PCOS, achieve an optimal weight, or health concerns that have been ongoing, this programs provides the support for your transformation .

9 Month Package

Providing detailed guidance with food and lifestyle plans. You want to go deep and find underlying issues and work towards healing at a more foundational level creating optimal health.

To learn more and get started schedule a complementary 15 minute call

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