Into Hormone Balance

Into Hormone Balance

Weight gain, period problems and persistent fatigue often impact our quality of life. Our health and level of vitality are essential to living our most joyful lives. Into Balance will help you get a handle on hormonal symptoms that won’t let up, such as fatigue, skin issues, weight gain, irregular cycles, and generally feeling unwell.

Creating a healthy lifestyle that leads to feelings of radiance, joy, and confidence is the why behind this six month program. Designed to help you carry out sustainable change, this program provides the tools and support to help you achieve your goals.

What's Included

Deep Dive Intake

This program gets started with a comprehensive and holistic dive into your health

  • Start with a 60 minute appointment is focused on gathering your complete health history, learning what information is lacking from your past testing and making plans to uncover the necessary data need to support your optimal health and vitality.

Focused Visits

Momentum visits- with a monthly check in visit you’ll be able to continue to adjust your plan and keep moving forward.

  • Monthly (5) Momentum visit (30-45 minutes) help you set and achieving your specific goals, accelerating your results.
  • Each visit you’ll walk away with visit notes and a specific set of monthly goals to focus on.
  • Evolving plan- to help continue to accelerate your results. 

Functional Testing

Into Balance includes a comprehensive testing menu. 

  • Extensive blood chemistry, nutritional and metabolic labs (value $400). 
  • Hormone labs – including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone labs (value $500)
  • Comprehensive gut health testing (value $600)


The approach is holistic, so we’ll dive into what makes you tick and thrive. 

You’ll also be supported with:

  • Customized recipes e-booklets created just for you. Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  
  • Smart work-out schedules to get the most out of your effort and time.
  • Personalized supplement recommendations and schedules. Detailed recommendation with specific products and timing. 


Get personalized insights from Dr. Guan creating an optimal lifestyle to support your wellness.

  • Sleep routine and deep sleep support.
  • Stress management, and relaxation to support your recovery and rest.
  • Journaling prompts and practices to gain deeper insights into your experience. 
  • Lifestyle practices such as intermittent fasting, cycle syncing, to support balance and make the most of your menstrual or menopausal advantage.


Have question or need support between visits  

  • Unlimited support from Dr. Guan via email during the duration of your program. 

6-Month Package

Into Balance helps uncover imbalances, provides clear insight, an action plan and the support to help you carry out the plan. Cost $2950

To learn more and get started schedule a complementary 15 minute call

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