Wonder(ful) Woman Program

Wonder(ful) Woman Program

Are you looking to optimize your health for peak performance? You know the importance of your role and that means your health and level of vitality are priceless. If you can’t be fully present because of fatigue, headaches or period problems everyone around you is impacted. Get a handle on hormonal symptoms that won’t seem to let up, optimize energy, better your mood, increase strength, improve metabolism, blood sugar and get lean.

What's Included

Apply for Dr. BreAnna’s VIP Coaching Program

Due to the high demand for these customized services, we carefully pre-screen every applicant for coaching readiness and to confirm your commitment to the program. Dr. Guan will review your interest form and then we will let you know within two business days if Dr. Guan has any questions and if he has approved you for the program.

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